Vintage Fireplace Postcards and Photographs

Vintage Fireplace Postcards and Photographs


Postcards and Cards:

Antique Cattle Postcard France

Peasant Home Which Houses Cattle, Interieur dans Les Landes, 1910.    It seems that everyone lives together including  the four legged friends. Back inscribed in pencil with Fattening oxen for the slaughter house.  Very good condition with minor corner wear.  Shipped in plastic cover.

Measures:  5 1/2" x 3 1/2"

Thanksgiving Turkey Postcard

A vintage Thanksgiving postcard that pictures a big Tom turkey in the center. It says Thanksgiving Greeting. It has a quote from Whitter at the bottom. There is an andiron in a fireplace and a candle.

The postcard was not mailed, but does have writing on the back in pencil that is dated 1910. The card has two rounded very light bends on the edge. You can barely see them on the front.  Beautiful card! 

Measures:  3 1/2" x 5 1/2"

Thanksgiving Poem Postcard

Vintage Thanksgiving Postcard with Fireplace and a Black Kettle on the Fire with a quaint Thanksgiving poem on the front.  Message to the recipient on the back in pencil with a penny stamp and cancel marks.  Quaint poem on the front and even quainter message on the back! From  1908, Whitney Made

Measures: 3 1/2" x 5 1/2"

New Year Postcard

This is a vintage New Year's postcard which states "A Hearty New Year". The postcard has not been used. Perfect for mixed media or altered art projects - or for your new year mantel display!

Measures: 3 1/2" X 5 1/2"

Thanksgiving Turkey on Spit Postcard

Thanksgiving turkey postcard from the 1920's depicting a turkey roasting on a spit in a fireplace, titled "Thanksgiving Joy."  This card doesn't have a manufacturer or publication date, but it was mailed in 1922. 

The colors on this embossed card are bright and it's in clean condition, with just a tiny bit of wear at the tips. The writing on the back is faded, but it's a charming note from "Mother Olson," who must have run a boarding house for university students. 

This card would be a great bit of decor for the home at Thanksgiving, or include it as part of a gift for a hard cooking Thanksgiving host or hostess!

Measures: 3 1/2" x 5 1/2"

Grandma by the Pot Bellied Stove Birthday Card

Old fashioned scene of Grandma by the Pot Bellied stove and a funny little Birthday greeting.  Funnier yet is the handwritten greeting inside - chiding the recipient for her "middle-age spread" - Not very acceptable message today!

Measures:  5" X 6 3/4"

Christmas Postcard

Vintage Christmas postcard of a family sitting around a fireplace. Mother is using a spinning wheel, the children are praying and father is reading from a book. This postcard has a Swedish Prayer on the front that reads "Gud, som hafver barnen kar, se till mig som liten ar! Godt nytt ar!". This translates to "God who holds the children dear. Look to me, little as I am. Happy New Year!" This is a beautiful piece of Christmas or New Year Ephemera. 

This card is in Excellent condition. The back is written on but not postmarked. It is a Whitney Made postcard.

Measures:  3-1/2” x 5-1/4”


Easter Boy

Happy Boy Holding Easter Basket in a Living Room with a Fireplace from the 1960s.  This is an original, authentic unaltered vintage photo (NOT a modern copy)~ it has some edge wear, curling, corner creases and other wear from age and faded vintage coloration.  Wouldn't this be perfect for Easter greetings this year!

Measures: 3 1/2" square

Boy Scout by cooking fire and tents

Boy Scout in full uniform standing by the cooking fire and tent set up for overnight camping in the foreground.  Other boys and tents in the background - and active scouting scene.  This is an original, authentic unaltered vintage photo (NOT a modern copy) from the 1960s~ it has some edge wear, curling, corner creases and other wear from age and is in black and white.  Wouldn't this be perfect for celebrating your modern day Boy Scout this year!

Measures: 3 1/4" X 4 3/4" 






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