Booths English China Blue Bowl

Booths English China Blue Bowl


This vintage Booths China shallow serving bowl is nicely detailed with a gently scalloped edge and a rich blue design of vines and wheat; likely an homage to a good harvest. The back stamp indicates Booths Made in England Vine & Wheat and is pattern number A-8083. In addition to the blue ink back stamp there is a 362 stamp in green and another smudged green mark that I can not decipher. If you didn't want to add it to your vintage serving bowl collection, it shows very nicely on a mantel or could even be added to a wall collection. The blue is a very striking color.

This small serving bowl is in very nice vintage condition. There is really little or no crazing on the piece but there are some slight utensil marks on the front that are only visible when held at an angle to the light. There are no cracks or chips on this piece. There are a few random, very small blue dots that are not part of the edge design that appear to be from the manufacturing process.


9 1/2" diameter

The part that is designed to hold food is about 6 1/2” across and 1” deep.

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