Country Church Oil Painting

Country Church Oil Painting


This is the quintessential American landscape painting with the white clapboard country church in the background, set among the early fall foliage. This charming piece makes me think of driving the back roads of Northern Michigan, upstate New York or Vermont. It feels like you turn the corner and there is another white painted country church that transports you back at least 100 years.

This is beautifully detailed and has birch trees in the foreground and foot hills in the back ground; wonderful perspective in the piece.

It is framed in an ornate white washed wood frame. The piece is simply set into this frame and could use some TLC for the final presentation. The frame is rough around the edges and the back paper is torn. I had it sitting on my mantel at home for a few months before I could bring myself to part with it and add it to the shop. I will miss it!

The piece is signed in the lower right hand corner, A. McMillan '62 ( I assume this is 1962). The painting is in wonderful condition save for one small stray mark in the upper left hand corner. A picture of that blemish is included. I think it could be repaired easily but actually you have to be very close to the painting to even notice the mark.


Framed: 17 3/4" x 21 1/2"

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