Dollies to Paint, Cutout and Dress Book

Dollies to Paint, Cutout and Dress Book


This adorable paper doll book is from 1918, published be Saalfield Publishing Co., Akron Ohio. It has a printed (in full color) cardboard front and back cover with six pages of paper dolls with traveling outfits. There are three girls (Elizabeth, Mary and Alice) and one boy, Jack. Each have a full color page with a doll and a few outfits and a black and white page of outfits, including hats. The inscription, written in cursive in pencil is Elizabeth Foster from Uncle Herbert, Xmas 1922.

Nothing has been cut out of this book. The staple has come loose on the middle page and there is a rip on the bottom of the color pages for Elizabeth and Mary. There are partial crayon marks on two of the black and white pages. All the pages are yellowed with age but have no off smell.

The Instructions on the front page are as follows:

Secure Colored Crayons or Water Colors and Paint Brush. Fill in the outline dolls, dresses and hats with colors to match the colored pictures on opposite pages. Then take a pair of scissors and carefully cot out the doll, dresses and hats being careful not to cut off the tabs. When finished with cutting, dress the doll in the various dresses and hats and if desirable also cut out the dolls and dresses printed in colors on opposite pages.

This is in really amazing shape considering how long is has been a memento for someone. I can only imagine that is was a special gift to have been kept in this condition for so long.


14 1/2" X 9 1/2"

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