Hand Painted Countryside Scene Tiles - Set of 2

Hand Painted Countryside Scene Tiles - Set of 2


These hand painted porcelain tiles might be just the piece you need to fill in that gap in your gallery wall! They celebrate all things countryside and show a friendly winding path to either a thatched roof cottage or a red roofed country home in the early summer greenery. They are really beautifully painted and have a nice finish over top so they are in pristine condition. I noticed these in a neglected spot at an Estate sale and think of how painstakingly they were created. I just couldn't leave them to be less than treasured!

These are sold as a set and both have plate hangers attached on the back. They could also just rest in a mantel display or even be propped up on a shelf in the entry way or sun porch. They add a bit of joy to any spot they inhabit.

No signatures on the front, or marks on the back to identify them as anything but a hobbyist’s project.


6" x 3"

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