Mni Amber Glass Oil Lamp

Mni Amber Glass Oil Lamp


Sixty years old and still so cute! This small vintage amber glass oil lamp has a clear glass chimney and oil well. It has a brass connector between the chimney and base with decorative scalloped edges and turnkey for the wick. It does not appear to have been ever lit as there is no sooting on the glass, nor oil residue in the well. The wick is still in tact and I believe it would create the smallest of glowing light if put to it's intended use. Such a fun piece to add to your early autumn or Thanksgiving tablescape. The amber color is a great accent!

The base is embossed with Made in Hong Kong.

The glass pieces are free of chips or cracks and the metal has a vintage patina. It could possibly shine up with some polish.


4 3/4" tall

1 3/4" diameter at base

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