My Little Stepfriend Child's Stool

My Little Stepfriend Child's Stool


Cute little vintage pine step stool that features applique images of Little Jack Horner and Little Boy Blue nursery rhyme characters. Each of the long side of the stool is embossed with "My Little Stepfriend" with pine cones on either side. It also features a little cut-out handle on the top. The inside of one of the legs has the remnants of the original sticker that detailed The Ten Commandments of "My Little Stepfriend". You can not read the details of the ten items listed below, but I bet they were charming verse, referencing Grandma and Mamma and how a child could be helpful using this stool. It would be really fun to find this original sticker and recreate it on this piece!

This stool is sturdy and in good condition for it's age, but there are scuffs on the top and along the edges. It appears that is has been re-glued around the one side that has visible damage. Newer screws have been put in on all sides to strengthen the piece. The appliques are in good shape and the edges are still quite clear. Little Jack Horner has some black marks on his pant legs that do not look original. The price reflects the condition of the piece,

The bottom of the piece has Rosalind Craft 3616 52nd Street Des Moines Iowa stamped on it.


12" x 7" x 6 3/4"

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