Norman Denkman Oil Painting

Norman Denkman Oil Painting


This wonderful townscape is an original oil painting by the Canadian artist Norman Denkman. A mother and son are walking down the sidewalk of an urban neighborhood with a two story house in the foreground and the domes of an Orthodox church in the background. The style of the clothing, the type of telephone pole and the colors of the house are reminiscent of the 1960's but I am not sure when the painting was completed. The colors are amazing (I don't use that word lightly!) and you are just drawn into studying the picture and thinking of the story it represents.

It is framed in an elaborate white washed wood frame with gold accents that does compliment the piece, there is a linen border between the frame and the piece. There is one very small ding in the edge of the matting in the top right hand corner. It could also be framed in a much more contemporary style and it would bring a different feel to the piece. This painting makes me nostalgic for the neighborhoods of my childhood in Downtown Detroit; it feels like a memory from visiting my grandparents! This is an amazing piece of original art and would be a special addition to your gallery wall.

The painting is signed in the lower left hand corner, N. Denkman. There are no other markings or detail on the back of the piece. I suspect there may be more on the back of the canvas, but do not want to disturb the original backing to find out. Maybe there is more information to be found there!

I have not been able to find many details about the artist other than he is Canadian and had numerous pieces in auctions during the late 1990's, early 2000's. His other works were either nature inspired themes from Vancouver or cityscapes. This painting is the only one I found from his catalog that included people. They add a nice touch!


Framed: 30" X 24" X 1 3/4"

Piece: 23 1/2" X 18"

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