Ombre Painted Flower Vase

Ombre Painted Flower Vase


This is a vintage dresser flower vase with double handles with a painted ombre background and a bouquet of flowers on the front. The gold trim around the top and base and the shape of the handles suggest this is from the art deco period of the 1940's but that is just my best guess. The colors of the background are very rich; it moves from soft brown at the top to a creamy yellow at the bottom and it has a blue hue in the middle to accent the flower design. This was found at an estate sale so the history is not known. This is made of porcelain with a glaze finish. Unfortunately there is no markets mark on the base. The gold edging on the top and handles is worn off in many places , the gold rim around the base is still in great condition. There are a few small blemishes in the surface that seem to have been there from the manufacturing or glazing process.

I go to a lot of Estate sales and this piece jumped right out at me as uniquely different; the rich colors, handle shape and lack of any chips or cracks were the best selling features.


5 1/2" tall X 3 3/4" wide at handles

2 3/4" diameter at base

2" diameter at top

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