Peter and the Wolf Columbia Masterworks Set M-477

Peter and the Wolf Columbia Masterworks Set M-477


This was a very nostalgic find for me. In elementary school in Indianapolis Indiana they had a classical orchestra exposure program that I have such fond memories of participating in. The music from Peter and the Wolf was top on the list from that experience!

This the the full set of “Peter And The Wolf” Op. 67 from Leopold Stokowski conducting the All American Orchestra put together by Columbia Masterworks, Set #MM-477. Basil Rathbone is the Narrator. Nicolas Slonimsky wrote the liner notes on the fly leaf of the front cover. This is a complete 3 Disc set, with 6 parts to the story. This is advertised as part of 20 Twelve-inch Columbia Masterworks Records that should be in every home! ($1.00 each).

The 12 inch 78 rpm vinyl records appear to be in very good condition (I have no way to play them). The sleeves holding the records are also in good condition. The cover is in fair condition, with scuffs around the edges and a tear at the base of the back binding. The colors of the cover art are very vibrant and look really nice on display! The back binding is in rough shape. The staples and glue have given way with age; I believe this could be re-affixed with the right product and tools however as all the pieces are still there.

This is just a very special piece of 1940s vintage.


12 1/2" X 14" X 3/4" - book cover

12" diameter for each record

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