Reese's Adjustable Stencil Letters

Reese's Adjustable Stencil Letters


Set of 1 1/2" Reese's Adjustable Stencils with "lockedge" meaning they can be linked together. The end of the box identifies this as 1 1/2 in. 1 set of Figurers, 15 pieces, Price 45 Cts. The advertising copy of the rest of the box is priceless:

Reese's Adjustable Stencil Letters

Printing Show Cards, Signs and Prices

They Save Their Cost Every Year in printing signs, show cards and prices, marking bags, boxes, barrels, bales, robes, trunks, packages, etc.

Made in Various Sizes of Letters and Figures and sold by Fonts, Alphabets, Names or Single Letters, Also

Inks in All Colors, Stencil Brushes All Sizes

No businessman can afford to be without them: give them a trial and be convinced

This is a full set of numbers 0 - 9, a period, a cent sign, a dollar sign and two end pieces

The box is in vintage scuffed condition with wear along the edges and the bottom box is bent inwards, but nothing is ripped or repaired and the bottom box fits securely within the sleeve top. The design on the front is from the earlier period of the manufacturing of this product with the picture of cherubs and EUREK.

The stencils have been used and their is paint on the Numbers 1,2,3,5 and 7. I believe this would could be removed and the stencils polished with brasso to bring luster back to the collection.


Brass plates are 3" tall

Box is 3 1/4" X 1 5/8" X 1"

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