Stick 'Em Pictures to Make book set

Stick 'Em Pictures to Make book set


This is a really colorful set of activity books for young children; "Stick 'Em Pictures to Make, Four books in this Box" from the Platt & Munk Company, No. 129, 1938. The set contains the original box, with the 4 books that were part of the set - Mother Goose, Fairy Tales, Through the Day and Storybook Friends.

The instructions on the back of each book reads as follows:

How to Make the Stick 'Em Pictures in this Book

First choose which picture you want to make. Tear the gummed page for the picture carefully from the book. Cut one piece at a time from the gummed page, carefully along the outline. Use care not to cut away any of the printed part. After the piece is cut, lay it on the outline picture. In this way you will find the right place where the piece belongs.

When you are sure you have found the place where the colored piece fits, moisten the gummed side with a wet sponge or piece of cotton or cloth. Do not have the sponge too wet. Just pat the gummed side lightly. Carefully stick it in the outline where it belongs. Then you will have a neat and interesting picture in full colors.

The colors are very vibrant on the outside of the box and on the sticker pages with lovely vintage illustrations and text beneath the pages. There are certainly signs of wear and tear on the box, particularly the corners. One thing I really like is that all four corners are in-tact with only one corner having been re-taped for structure. The books themselves are also in very good condition, with no rips, tears or stray coloring marks. There is discoloration on some of the pages due to their age.

Each book contains four pages to be completed with a full page of stickers to cut out and place on each of the four pages. All the scenes are blank on the reverse page. In the four books, sticker pages are as follows:

Mother Goose - Humpty Dumpty, Old King Cole, Simple Simon and Mary had a little lamb - all unfinished

Fairy Tales - Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Three Bears, Little Red Hen - all finished

Through the Day - Eating, School, Going to Bed - all unfinished, Going to the store - finished

Storybook Friends - Three Little Pigs, Gingerbread Boy, Peter Rabbit - all unfinished, Little Black Sambo - finished


Books - 10 1/2" x 8 1/4"

Box - 11 1/2" x 9 1/2" x 1 1/2"

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