Tibet Almond Stick

Tibet Almond Stick


This is a fun find from an Estate sale last week; a Tibet Almond Stick in the original tin packaging with the product included. I love the retro look of the lettering and colors of the tin and the advertising copy is really brings a smile. Would display well with a collection of vintage tins or tools.

The tin reads:


Tibet Almond Stick

will efface 1,000 scratches

It's Amazing

You can now efface superficial scratches from pianos-radios-furniture-desks-woodwork,etc. on mahogany, walnut, oak and many other fine finishes.

Guaranteed for one year

Directions: To efface a white scratch, rub the end of the stick lightly over the spot and the white spot is gone, quick-as-a-wink. Contains no acid and will not injure the finest finish. Not recommended for gouges - or deep scratches on blond or bleached finishes.

Prepared by Zenith Chemical Works Chicago 44, Illinois

Lasts Indefinitely

The tin is in vintage condition with some scratches and scuffs. There is old glue from the original price sticker on the top that would likely come off with goo gone. The product has been used and the top and bottom are darkened and I am not sure if the product would still work. The wrapping around the stick is slightly torn but you can still read the product and company name.

Interestingly enough this product is still manufactured today by the Zenith company which has been in business since the early 1900's.


3 5/16" tall X 1 1/2" diameter

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