Vintage Decorative Cork Tray

Vintage Decorative Cork Tray


This is a beautiful aluminum tray with a decorated cork insert, likely from the 1950s. The soft coloration of the scene compliments many decors. The scene on the tray has charming symbols throughout; the man has a dog at his feet depicting faithfulness, the lady has a lamb at her feet depicting innocence and the birds are starting to build a nest in the tree depicting establishing a home.

The outside aluminum edge of the tray has been artfully etched. There are three spots of wear on the cork, two at the bottom where it is slightly darkened and one in the middle on the lady's skirt where the paint is rubbed away. You can see these blemishes in the pictures. The price reflects the vintage condition. It would still make a charming addition to your bar setting, or as a display on the mantel.


15 1/2" in diameter and 1" high, the cork insert is 12 1/2" in diameter.

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