Vintage US Block Puzzle - Four Sided

Vintage US Block Puzzle - Four Sided


This is such a fun piece of 1950's nostalgia! This puzzle is comprised of six wooden blocks with brightly colored paper nicely glued on. Each of the blocks have four sides that comprise four different US maps with specific attributes identified. Each puzzle is identified with a legend in the lower left hand corner stating DOEPKE Within U.S.A. and the following four puzzle titles:

- map of the 48 states, their capitals and locations

- map of industry, agriculture and activities

- map of wild animals and where they are found

- map of principal rivers, mountains and lakes

Each puzzle is identified as per Azimuthal Projection

It is really hard to find these without pieces of the puzzle missing or ripped. This one is in very good condition, save for the apparent water spots (age spots?) on the background of the bottom four blocks. It looks like small brown spots.

The box has factory holes on the bottom that allows you to push up and rotate/remove blocks to create the four different US maps. There is only one corner of the bottom box still intact, although it still contains the pieces. There is no top for the box.

This would be really fun displayed in a cabin, kid's playroom or bedroom - or a great conversation piece on the hearth! It is charming!


Box: 12 1/4" X 6 7/8" X 1 1/4"

Each Block: 12" X 1 1/16" square

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