Wooden Train Candle Holder Set

Wooden Train Candle Holder Set


Do you have a train lover in your family? This is just the perfect touch for a birthday celebration, or to set along the mantel in your Christmas display. The original box identifies this as Handcrafted Old Fashioned Wooden Train Candle Holder Set. *Candles included. Nothing nicer on top of the party cake. The individual cars make nice favors. (The box and train pieces are originals, the candles are no longer included)

This is from Shackman, NY 10001, Made in Korea. Appears to be handpainted. The illustration on the box is nicey done.

The train pieces include the engine, two freight cars, one lumber carrying car and a caboose. The middle axle of the engine, and one wheel on each of the lumber car and the caboose are missing. The small metal hook to attach the caboose is also missing. I think this would work really well on a cake even with those missing pieces. The original sticker on the bottom of the engine indicates COPYRIGHT Shackman Made in Korea.

The box and the train pieces are in good vintage condition. (See above for description of the pieces missing from the train parts). The paint is bright and seems to have been applied quite haphazardly at production. The box is in tact, there is a water stain along the one side and it does not want to stay closed. There likely was a piece of tape that kept it closed and that is what pulled off part of the label on the front.

It's just really cute!


Box - 10 1/4" x 1 7/8" x 1"

Train pieces are 1 1/2" to 2 1/2" long

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