WWII Service Prayer Book

WWII Service Prayer Book


This is a treasure which would be a great gift for a veteran in your life. This ia s WWII Service Prayer Book with Bible Readings, Hymns and Orders of Worship dedicated to the Army, Navy, Marine and Air Corps of the United States and the the Candian Armed Forces. Compiled and edited by n.M. Ylvisaker Major Chaplain, O.R.C. from the National Lutheran Council. 225 pages with a patriotic photo in the front.

The book is in good vintage condition with a few of the first pages having slight dog ears in the corners and a few water stains. The remainder of the pages in the book are very clean. The Identification Page on the fly leaf has Sgt. Kenneth E. Bahle note and Nearest Kin as Wife. No other marking in the book. There is a small pocket on the back cover that is in great condition and I assume was for notes and other items to be kept with the book.

The cover is a brown peddbled leather look product with a cross and Service Prayer Book along the top. The edges of the cover are scuffed but there are no tears in any of the surfaces.

Really wonderful momento of the bravery of our WWII veterans and the support they recieved from the faith leaders.


4 3/4 ' x 3 1/2" x 1/2"

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