1900s Landscape Painting

1900s Landscape Painting


This piece is an enigma to me. It is a well presented , highly detailed landscape painting with a mountain the in the background and cattle at the river in the foregroung. It is rendered in early fall colors and the more you look at it, the more you become enamored with the story it is telling. I searched quite a while before I noticed the signature in the bottom right hand corner, E. Patterson 1894 . The back has very faint markings that appear to indicate it was painted on September 7, 1904. The sticker that was on it at the Estate Sale indicated 1900s painting. (I left the sticker to give the next buyer more details).

The frame seems much newer than the other clues to its providence. It is oak and appears to be from the 70s. The piece is inserted into the frame with small nails and the hanging brackets on each side are also quite modern. It does fit the painting well but I think it deserves a much more elegant presentation to give the painting it's full due.

There is a chip of paint missing from the bottom left hand corner and a dew markings on the face of the piece that look like something was set on the piece. There are also a few strays dirt spots and other blemishes that likely could be cleaned up without damaging the presentation. Even with the flaws and obvious wear and tear from age, this is a really charming painting!


Painting - 17 3/4" x 9 1/4"

Framed - 20" x 11 1/4 "

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