Art Deco Tray with Pine Boughs and Cones

Art Deco Tray with Pine Boughs and Cones


This is a beautifully made decorative tray from polished aluminum that was likely hand hammered. The edges are fluted and have a braided decorative element that shows nice workmanship. It matches other similar pieces that were from the 1940s Art Deco period. This is very well made with a fully embossed design, evident by the design being raised on the interior surface and indented on the underside. This piece has a particularly nice sheen that makes it hard to believe it was used much in the last 60 + years.

It displays well and is largely decorative in nature and would be best used as a serving tray for dry snacks, meats and cheese platters and other items that would not require a completely level surface. I think it would be really charming at a fall or winter gathering for laying out the items that could compliment your hot cocoa offerings! It's really quite unique.

There are quite a few surface scratches as would be expected for its age and material. The finish is still quite nice however and there has not been any oxidation or dulling of the surface. I believe it was well treated during its time in service! It clearly was used, as there is a small tag on the base with the initials MWS or SMW. I would have wanted to make sure I got it back if used at the local pot luck as well!


11 1/2" diameter with fluted edges

1" high

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