Blue Metal Tool Box

Blue Metal Tool Box


Here is the perfect, teal blue metal tool box that will be your favorite display or storage item! It is perfect to use around the house to hold stuff for hanging pictures; making repairs, painting, crafting, planting or whatever you have going on. Or it displays well due to the unique teal blue color and retro auto world sticker on the top. It also has phillip in sharpie on the top edge, so a real bonus if you have someone with that name in your family!

Th box has lots of surface scratches and a couple of small dings - one in the top left hand corner, another near the clasp. Very little rusting on the top or sides and very clean inside. The base is well worn in the center. If you were handy, it would be really cute to line with chintz fabric. The best part is the teal blue color!

The latch works perfectly and is in great condition. The handle, made of gray metal is also in good condition as are the hinges. It opens and closes easily and can take anything you can throw at it.


11 1/2" x 5" x 4"

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