Brown Glazed Stoneware Pitcher

Brown Glazed Stoneware Pitcher


This is a fun ceramic pitcher with a rich, warm brown color and a high sheen glazed on ridged stoneware. It is clearly marked with USA on the bottom of the piece.

These were originally created as buttermilk or syrup pitchers but today are used as much for flower vases or mantel decorations as for serving liquids. The brown hue and the high sheen glaze set this apart for its display quality. The glaze on the outside has an interesting drip like area on the one side; this will either appeal as a unique characteristic or look like a flaw. It's up to you to decide! There is also a small mark on the end of the spout that appears to have been created in the manufacturing process. It is not a chip as the glaze is not affected. I just really like this piece!


5 1/2" x 6-1/2" wide from spout to handle

4 3/8" diameter at its widest point.

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