Fast Falls the Eventide Oil Painting

Fast Falls the Eventide Oil Painting


An evocative oil on board landscape painting depicting the evening sunset and a family returning home with wood. Noted on the back in cursive writing is "Fast Falls the Eventide" and Finished April 8, 1980; done in pencil. This adds to the vintage feel!

This painting is very charming and depicts a rural landscape with a farm house, trees and an adult and child walking down the path with wood over their shoulders. It is in good condition with a few small scuffs on the right side, one scuff in the tree tops on the left side and both of the left corners are slightly bent. It is not framed and those defects will be much less obvious in a frame. It has a nice sheen to the finish of the painting and is very charming on display. Perfect for the autumn mantel display or that last finishing piece on your sunset gallery wall!


14" X 4"

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