Framed Watercolor Bird on Nest

Framed Watercolor Bird on Nest


Such a sweet beautifully detailed vintage watercolor print by an unknown artist (signed Lori 77). This original painting depicts a yellow breasted brown and white speckled bird serenely sitting on her nest. There are a few flowers and vines as decorative elements on either side of the nest. The painting, while likely done by an ametuer, is very well composed.

The painting has been professionally matted and framed and placed behind glass. The wood frame is rustic in design.

The colors are very subtle and lend themselves to a display well; the painting does not call out to be noticed, yet it draws you in to enjoy the details presented. It looks amazing on our mantle!

The frame has some scuffs and shows it's age a bit. The glass is in perfect condition and the painting is well preserved. Note that in the pictures there is glare from the glass and it may appear there are marks on the matting or in the image. This is just an issue of photographing a image under glass. There are no marks on the painting!


16" X 12"

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