Green Enamel Watering Can

Green Enamel Watering Can


I believe this is a green enamel hot water can or lidded jug from England or France of the Edwardian period. Containers of this composition and structure where originally used to fill free standing copper or tin bats with hot water. Could be from the 1900's.

The two best things about this piece are the shiny enamel forest green finish and the hinged metal opening for filling with water. It display's beautifully with flowers or could add to a Thanksgiving bounty centerpiece or for green accents at the holiday season. I love the versatility of this piece!

Maker's mark embossed on the bottom is Reg No.698988.

It definitely shows it's age, primarily at the fusion points of the top handle and the outside of the back handle. They are both still firmly affixed however. There is also one significant spot of enamel loss on the top near the front spout also. The back handle has an indentation where the thumb naturally rests for pouring. Unique engineering for it's age.


11 1/2" tall with top handle

11 1/2" wide from spout to side handle

5 1/2" X 71/2" at base

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