Marksman Tournament Dart Board

Marksman Tournament Dart Board


Very cool Marksman Tournament 17 inch dart board with a set of 3 blue and 3 white darts. If a dart board could talk, I think it would tell many a story of the games played and the camaraderie shared for each hole earned on the board! It has been well used but still displays awesome! The soft blue of the cardboard frame surrounding the black and white dart board display beautifully on a "sports themed" mantel. Would also look great on the wall in a game room or man cave! I would not plan on hanging from the top hanging tab however, as it is beginning to crease. Hanging from the back would be warranted.

Metal on rounded edges and also metal dividers on board surface; rusted but not deteriorating. Simply adds more character to the dart board overall. The cardboard surrounding the actual dart board is marked Marksman Tournament Scoreboard, Model DO 24, Size 18 Made in England for Marksman Products, Los Angeles 24, Calif. The Board itself is marked Marksman at the top and Made in England at the bottom.

The darts are tournament quality with a very heavy metal tip and a screw off plastic “feather” element. 3 blue, 3 white. I believe these are the originals with the board.


17" diameter of Board

Cardboard frame is 24" x 21"

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