Metal Painted Trash Can with Holly Hocks

Metal Painted Trash Can with Holly Hocks


This older metal trash can is showing its age, but the painted Holly Hocks make up for the other blemishes. They are so well done and would enhance any place you put it; the guest bathroom, the laundry room, the screened-in porch - or - even as a vase filled with summer flowers on a picnic table. (I tested it so water tightness and it held) It's so darling!

There are no markings on the can but I assume it is likely from the 1960’s or 70's based on the style. The can definitely has some scuffs, paint wear and rust on the inside and bottom, but it is not flaking off and would not mark up any surface it was placed on. The top rim has a bit of a dent also. It shows it's age but the green color of the background and the pastel holly hocks painted on the front are really beautiful.


12" tall

10" across widest part of oval, 7 1/2" across narrowest part of oval

7 1/2" deep

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