Miniature Sailing Painting

Miniature Sailing Painting


Looking for a great gift for the sailing enthusiast in your life - or someone who is about to "sail away" on a big life move? This is just the piece. It is a original oil painting of a sailor catching the wind in their little skiff. The colors are bright and cheerful and this small piece tells a powerful story! Catch the wind and off you go! Or, I can see it in a small nook in a guest bathroom at the cottage. You can almost feel the wind in the sails when you look at it.

The piece is signed W. Mayhew on the bottom. The frame looks to be a replica of something from the Victorian era. It is full of curlicues and flourishes. It is black plastic with gold paint applied over top on the front. There is one tiny small spot of white paint on the edge of the frame. The back of the frame indicates Made in Hong Kong. It is possible that the painting could be removed from the frame but I did not attempt to deconstruct for fear of damage the painting. There is a small hanging hook on the top of the back as well.


6 3/8" X 5"

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