Norwegian Lazy Susan

Norwegian Lazy Susan


This is so charming - and even more so if you have a Norwegian heritage! This beautifully functioning lazy susan has "Give Us this Day our Daily Bread" in Norwegian painted around the rim with small wildflower and decorative accents. This could be used as a lazy susan, spinning tray, cake stand, plant stand, or create your own category! It is incredibly versatile and could be used in the kitchen, dining, bathroom, craft, or living room.

The light wooden color compliments most any decor, but especially fits into your mid-century modern finishes. The surface area is ample and it has a turned lip rim making it very functional as a movable serving piece. The well crafted metal spinning mechanism works smoothly, and the large diameter base has green felt with the original sticker from G.H. Specialty in Milwaukee WI still attached to the bottom.

The wood is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, scuffs, or scratching. The finish has some crackling of the top layer that could use a light sanding. I believe this could be done without damaging the painting edge. There are a few stray marks on the top that are shown in the pictures.

This would make a wonderful and thoughtful housewarming gift or thank you for a cottage invitation!


16" diameter at top

8" diameter at base

2 1/2" tall

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