Oval Framed Vintage Prints

Oval Framed Vintage Prints

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It is fun to find vintage art work in oval frames as it helps break up the monotony of all square imagery in your gallery wall!

I am listing them together as they photograph well this way, but they are available individually.


This is a print of the 1909 Nature's Harmony painting by E. Lamasure. The original painting had a bit more variance in the color palette; this print was primarily reproduced in a green and blue color scheme. It has been cut to fit the older metal frame. There is glass covering the piece that from the outside looks to fit the frame. From the inside, the glass has been jaggedly broken to fit the frame. The back is cardboard, with some age staining. It does have a hanging hook. I left the estate sale tag on the back to show how it was listed as "1915", although this is a much more recent print. The frame is a painted brown metal with crimped edges and five tabs holding the piece in place.


6 3/1" x 9 1/4" x 1"

Bird print:

This is a print from a nature book of two small song birds on grasses. The picture does have some waviness in the surface on the left side. It was cut to fit the plastic oval frame. It does have a piece of glass covering the piece and shows very well in a collection of other nature imagery. The frame is cracked on the bottom and the rivet to hold the piece is broken at the point. The frame is made of hard plastic and has an inner gold design and the original hanging cord. It has a cardboard backing with the M.C. Picture Corp. Louisville Kentucky sticker in the top left corner. I believe the original price of $1.95 is written in pencil on this sticker. Not in the best shape, but really cute!


9 1/8" x 11" x 1"

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