Rustic Ice/Hay Tongs

Rustic Ice/Hay Tongs


These old metal Ice Block or Hay Tongs are perfect for display in any rustic farmhouse kitchen, cabin or cottage. They would also work great as outdoor decorative items in the garden or shed.

These heavy iron tongs were standard equipment on every ice truck that carried large blocks of ice to home kitchens before Ice Boxes were replaced by electric refrigerators. They were also very commonly used in the logging industry and by farmers during haying. We found these in the basement of an old farmstead and couldn't resist their charm. And functional too! The mechanism still works. They have a lot of surface patina and rust that a little elbow grease would go a long way towards rectifying.

There are no manufacturer's marks on the piece.


21" long and 9 1/2" wide, at base, when closed

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