Rustic Pub Mug

Rustic Pub Mug


This ceramic beer stein features a man with plants (maybe hops?) on one side, a tree in the middle and tow men on the other side. These figures in in bas relief and the handle has decorative elements as well. The colors are shades of brown with the top rim in a ombre brown and the rest of the mug in a creamy tan. It has as overall high gloss glaze that is a special touch on the piece.

There are no chips or significant cracks along any of the edges; there is significant crazing throughout the whole piece. I believe the piece was used as a pen holder on a desk as there are ink stains on the inside bottom and on one of the sides. This would be an ideal use for this piece! Or, it would serve well on the stove top for holding smaller wooden spoons and other cooking utensils. With the ink stains having permeated the inside, I don't think it would be good to use as a drinking utensil.

There are no manufacturer markings on the piece.


5 1/2" tall

5 3/4"" wide with handle

3 1/4" diameter at top

3 3/4" diameter at base

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