Vintage Badminton Set

Vintage Badminton Set


This is an instant rustic badminton collection with 9 pieces that uniquely represent this popular yard game. Pieces date from the 1930's to the 1960's and have the following details:

-J C Higgins Shuttlecocks 3 Mohwak No. 1399. This bright red paperboard cylinder package is in amazing shape (Made in USA) and it includes one of the remaining real feather shuttlecocks. The top and bottom of this packaging is made of the same paperboard. The craftsmanship for a game piece is amazing. The canister has the original Sears, Roebuck and Co. 98 cents price sticker on the bottom.

-Carlton Plastic Badminton Shuttlecocks, 3 Popular Outdoor Shuttlecocks. This tan paperboard cylinder package with red print is in amazing shape (Made in England) and it includes three original plastic shuttlecocks, only one of which still has the red plastic end. The top and bottom of this canister is metal. These two packages display really well together. The names of all the countries where the company had patents for this product is printed along the bottom and it is a real history lesson from the African continent. A true global product ahead of it's time!

-3 Apollo Wooden Badminton rackets (Made in Pakistan). These are in amazing shape for their age. All the Apollo labels, strings, wrapped handles and end caps are still in tact. They have obviously been used, worn and loved! Lots of scuffs, patina, chipped paint and character. It's really hard to find badminton rackets of this vintage with all the pieces still in place. The strings or handle wraps are usually the first to go with age!

Wouldn't this set make great display pieces in a man cave, exercise room, boys room, sports-themed bar or rec room. I have them displayed on my "vintage sports themed mantel" and they really set an amazing tone.

Rackets measure 26 ¼” long

Racket head is 10" x 7 3/4"

J C Higgins canister is 6 1/4" high, 2 1/2" diameter

Carlton canister is 5 1/4" high, 2 1/2" diameter

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