Vintage Moose Oil Painting

Vintage Moose Oil Painting


This is the unique piece you have been looking for to complete your portrait wall at the cabin! It depicts a bull moose thoughtfully looking across a lake, with early fall foliage on display. It has a crackled surface as any vintage painting is likely to have when storage has not been in controlled conditions. I think that adds to the charm of the piece and drew me right in when I spotted it at an Estate Sale.

The colors are soft and the details are very well done, increasing the appeal of the piece on the wall. The surrounding edge of the canvas has many paint scuffs and knicks from not having the benefit of a frame for protection. The canvas is hanging down a bit in the front corner also, as you can see from the first picture.

Although the piece is not framed, we have it hanging without a frame in our showroom and it is really appealing! I would highly recommend a frame though to protect the edge of the canvas.

The back is in delicate vintage condition, the canvas structure is age worn, the nails to place the canvas on the frame were very substantial and there is some staining. None of that detracts from the front image - and adds to the vintage charm, in my opinion!

There is no artist signature or dating on the piece.

If you are a nature lover, you will love this piece. The pictures don't really capture the "soul" of this beautiful animal.


19" x 23" X 1"

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