Vintage Plastic Poker Chips

Vintage Plastic Poker Chips


This box of Plastic Poker Chips - Interlocking, Unbreakable and Made in the USA - is in a box in great shape for it's age. The one corner has become unglued and the top is a bit wavy. Some of the lettering of the word CHIPS has been roughed up - maybe that is where the original price tag was? Also there looks to be some light crayon scribbles on the POKER word.

All 100 of the original chips are included in the box. Only one red chip has a rough edge, the remaining 99 are smooth and without any super obvious imperfections. The base of the box is very sturdy still. There is a small puncture dent in the bottom of the box but it does not seem to impact the structural integrity of the box. The poker chips appear to all be there but I did not individually count them. The box slides open and holds the chips like a tray. It says it contains 100 chips.

These look really cute displayed with the Vintage Dominoes also!


6 1/8" X 2 1/2" X 1 5/8"

Chips are 1 1/2" diameter

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