Vulcan Safety Matches with Box

Vulcan Safety Matches with Box


This is such a unique box of antique Vulcan Impregnated Safety Matches made at Tidaholm, Sweden. The box is is fine shape for the age and includes a set of 24 original matches with wooden sticks and bring red lighting tips. The art work on the front is charming and even the matches are cute enough to display. It is additionally charming that the manufacturing QC process did not require each match to be identical in size!

I do not know if these matches will light and did not want to waste one trying it out. They appear to be in usable condition with no apparent water or other liquid contamination. There are quite a few nicks and scratches on the box and a few strike marks on both sides. The slide on top and the base of the box appear to be made of balsa wood. Amazing engineering for such a day to day product.


Box - 1 3/4" x 1" x 5/8"

Each Match - 1 1/2" long

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