Vintage Fairbo Acrylic Throw

Vintage Fairbo Acrylic Throw


Fantastic acrylic fiber throw or stadium blanket with vivid red, gold and black plaid pattern has a rustic lodge look perfect for your cabin, cottage, lake house or even retro camper or travel trailer. (How about for your next "glamping adventure"!) It would make a great tablecloth for an outdoor picnic or table scape photo shoot also!

And don't forget to use it over the back of the sofa or at the foot of your bed during the Christmas season. The throw is light weight enough to use as a cozy shawl or as a fall photo prop. Seems that there is a reason to have this throw for all four season!

Tag on the blanket reads:


Purveyors of Warmth and Comfort since 1865

Faribault Woolen Mill Co.

Faribault, Minnesota

It is in previously used condition. I have not washed as there are no off-odors, but think a good washing would brighten it up even more.


52" x 53" plus 3" fringe on both ends

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