Winter Scene Oil Painting

Winter Scene Oil Painting


Time to start thinking about our winter design ideas! I love to add a vintage painting into mantel vignettes as they allow the viewer to think of the story they tell! What caught my eye on this piece was the generous use of purple and blue hues to give the impression of a very cold day. So interesting how colors convey senses! This signed oil painting of a rustic mill in winter is framed in oak. The artist signature reads Pat Hoffman 2/58 and the back has the marking of Deltex as the board maker.

The painting is in excellent vintage condition, with minor wear and tear to the original frame and is ready to hang. The oak frame has a substantial curve that frames the painting well. It has a bit of a gray wash over it as well. If this is not your style, however, it would be very easy to change the frame on this piece as it in held in by rustic nails only. I think an upgraded frame would bring this piece to life!


Painting 12" x 16"

Framed 14 3/4 x 18 3/4" x 1 3/4"

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