Wren Jacquard Woven Picture

Wren Jacquard Woven Picture


This vintage depiction of a pair of yellow breasted Wrens with a butterfly and flowers in soft pastel colors is from the Charles Berisford collection.

Berisford’s techniques for making woven pictures go back to the 1850s. The label on the back describes how this is an Original Jacquard Woven Picture. It was made in England.

Charles Berisford woven pictures embody a unique combination of traditions and skills, begun by Charles Berisford in 1858 and built up over 120 years. Artist, draftsman and craftsman weaver combine with the fascinating complexity of the Jacquard Loom to produce these delicate woven studies which are truly an echo of the past as much as they are a collector's item of today. The series comprises 12 subjects of flowers and birds. The bird images are taken from original work by popular wildlife artist Sharon Jervis.

The frame, brown mat and glass are in excellent condition on the front. There are some small nicks on the back corners of the frame that can not be seen from the front. The back has a hanger, a small sheet, glued down, which carries the manufacturer’s messages, and a roughness to the touch suggesting that an adhesive was once used around the edges. There is a small spot of thread on the top edge that appears to have snuck forward from the back of the weaving.

I love the delicate nature of this piece and like to display it with other more rustic items as a counterpoint.


6 1/2" X 5 3/4" X 3/4"

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