Blue Flowered Bowl

Blue Flowered Bowl


There are no manufacturer markings and it has no pedigree but what a great addition to your vintage serving bowl collection! Patterns of sweet, soft blue flowers with a stylized trellis and yellow accents are spread across the bottom of the bowl. The rim is scalloped with four punched out flower centers and other lace style accents. The edge design has a thin line of gold gilt which adds highlights when the light reflects.

There are no chips, cracks, crazing, dings or scratching of note. The finish has a nice sheen. The gold gilt on the outer rim is quite worn, but it almost looks like it was designed that way. I really don't know though. It's just a sweet bowl and I wanted to offer it to my customers because it made me smile when I saw it!


12" x 9 1/4" X 2 1/2"

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