Blue Speckled Graniteware Pot with Lid

Blue Speckled Graniteware Pot with Lid


This granite ware pot is vintage blue with white specks and it has the original lid, which is often hard to find! The top has a small handle in the center and the pot has two very structurally sound handles on each side.

This is a great pot to use for your next camping expedition; it has such an authentic vintage feel with the chippy edges and marks. The bottom of the pan itself looks very well used and I am not sure it would stand up to much heat - but, what a cute item to use as your hand washing station at your campground or near your garden! It would also make a great storage container for any number of items in the pantry or laundry room. The well fitting lid makes all the difference!

The pot is in decent vintage condition without any holes or cracks but there is definitely wear of the enamel in spots and rust around the edge. The bottom is discolored from use.


7 1/4" diameter at the base of the pot

10" diameter at the top of the pot/lid size

12" across with handles

3 1/4" tall without lid

6" tall with the lid and the small handle on top

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