Enamel Green Teapot

Enamel Green Teapot


This very cute little hinged lid green tea pot is something I use as the final finishing touch in so many mantel displays. The high gloss finish on the enamel, the striking green color, the size profile all make it the perfect compliment to just about any season's decor. It is especially nice in winter with red and white accents or on the center of your table at the campground with wildflowers!

There are a few chips in the enamel; the largest is on the base, and a few others on the end of the spot and the top of the button on the lid. They add to the charm. The lid is still firmly attached by the metal hinge piece. Otherwise in very clean condition, no rust. I believe it would still work perfectly for serving a single spot of tea also!


5" tall x 6" across tip of spout to handle

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