Granite Ware Coffee Pot

Granite Ware Coffee Pot


This Granite ware Coffee Pot has the most interesting pattern - it is highly mottled and almost looks like a tie-dye application. This really stands out when you see it displayed on a shelf or on the stove top, as in the pictures above. The lid is made of silver metal with interesting circular ribs and a cute button top. I think it could be polished to bring back some luster.

The condition is amazing - there is one very small chip on the base to the right of the spout and some rough spots along the top edge and minimal oxidation on the metal lid. The bottom has been discolored from heat, but that just adds to the authenticity of the piece. The inside is discolored, but no holes or weak spots in the metal. This was a well loved and well used coffee pot in a home that had many items preserved so well from the 1940s. The hinge on the top is sturdy and the spout is strongly attached. It is really rare to find a workhorse of a piece like this in such good condition after almost 80 years of use! If it doesn't sell quickly, I'm definitely keeping it for my collection!


10 1/2" high and the base diameter 5 1/2". The diameter of the mouth is 4".

7 3/4" across from spout to handle

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