Green Enamelware Pan

Green Enamelware Pan


This green color catches my eye immediately - be it a pan, a kitchen utensil, a plate or a mug, I just can't resist. This roasting pan is no exception. It would make the perfect addition to your farmhouse enamelware collection. It would display well on an open kitchen shelf, or as a pan to function as a base for your indoor plants, or as a tray for serving hot cocoa in winter or as a organization tray for your remotes in the family room.

The possibilities are endless and the color will enhance any place you use it!

This pan is In great vintage condition as the color is still rich, the black trim is in good condition and there are no significant scratches to mar the surface. There is one obvious chip in the enamel on the back, noted in the pictures above

I suspect a good cleaning would brighten up the color even more.


15.5”X 9.5”

Stands about 1.75" high

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