Set of Two Vintage Kitchen Scoops

Set of Two Vintage Kitchen Scoops


This is a set of two vintage scoops that can be used for serving ice cream, forming cookie dough or making meat balls, all while adding a pop of retro charm to your kitchen.

The first is a great vintage metal and bakelite handle scoop. It is in very good condition. The spring driven gear sweeps a bail to scoop whatever you wish. If you push the gear all the way out, there is a slight catch when it returns. I think a little lube would fix that. The green bakelite handle has one spot of discoloration at the base, otherwise in excellent vintage condition. There is a bit of rust around the screw that holds the handle in place, I think it could be cleaned up, no problem. The only manufacturer markings is Japan on the back of the gear piece. It's really cute!

The second is all aluminum scoop that is also in very good condition. This one has a lever that you push to remove the product from the bail. It works very smoothly, it does make a clicking sound when you return the piece back to the bail but that does not seem to affect the usage. There are age appropriate scratches in the surface of the piece. The handle is hollow, with a hanging hole on the back, so it is very light. Might be great to have in the kitchen for the grandchildren to use! It is marked with PAT. NO. 2756698 MFD U.S.A. on the back of the handle.


Bakelite Handle:

8" long

2 1/4" diameter for scoop area


7" long

2" diameter for scoop area

Sold as a set

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