Hall's China Autumn Leaf Bowl

Hall's China Autumn Leaf Bowl


This is a Hall's China Autumn Leaf pattern condiment bowl, made for the Jewel Tea Company and distributed through Sears. The pattern was manufactured from 1933 until 1976 and is back stamped with Hall's Superior Quality Kitchenware "Tested and Approved by Mary Dunbar Jewel Homemakers Institute".

This china is high quality and the pattern and gold accents are quite striking. Base color is a light creamy off white. The pattern consists of orange and yellow flowers with brown foliage. The condition is very nice, there are some marks under the surface on the inside of the bowl, likely from use.

This piece uniquely includes a dusting of silver accents around the perimeter of the bowl. I do not see this treatment in other bowls of it's type. You can see that it also at one time had a top rim of the silver accent, but it is mostly missing now. I think this means it was likely from the 1950's.

It looks perfect as the small accent piece on the early fall mantel!


3 3/8" in diameter across the opening

2" diameter at base

2 1/4" tall

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