Kitchen Made Pie Pan

Kitchen Made Pie Pan


Vintage pie tin with "Kitchen Made" stamped into a rectangle in the bottom, surrounded by a sunburst pattern. There are also several vent holes, which ensured a crisper crust during baking. This is from the Kitchen Made company which was located in Peoria, Illinois from the 1950s' through the 1980's. It is likely made of aluminum.

The fun thing about this piece is that, years ago, when a whole pie was purchased, the pan came with it. Leaving a deposit with the bakery, usually between 5 and 10 cents, was not only good advertising, but generally ensured the tin was returned afterwards (as was the deposit!). Seems that the family who had this pan thought it was worth keeping instead of returning for the small deposit!

This pan is in very good condition, with some age-related wear but no scratches, discolored areas or rust. It really displays well with other Farmhouse kitchen decorative items!


9" Diameter

1 1/4" high

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