McCoy Cast Iron Stove Cookie Jar

McCoy Cast Iron Stove Cookie Jar


Marvelous McCoy! This adorable vintage black ceramic cookie jar is in the shape of an old fashioned cast iron stove complete with floral bottom detail, fake front doors and top middle section with a cookware and piping top. The top lifts off for cookie storage! These were made at the height of the cookie jar craze. Now while many no longer collect, they make super decorator accents. They add interest and color to a kitchen and tie into a farmhouse kitchen or cabin theme.

It is marked on the bottom, “McCoy USA".

It appears to be the original black paint as it has some scuffs and chalkiness to the finish. The gold accents are not painted on with an exacting hand. There are examples available where the painted details of the cookie jars are much more precise, but they appear to be touched up from the original. Also, the pot on the top is red on this item. All other examples I could find show the pot in gold. I am not certain if the original was red or gold or if both variations were produced. The red is cute! There are no significant chips or cracks in the piece, just a few hairline cracks, appropriate with age and usage.

Dimensions: Approximately 9" long, 6 1/2" wide and 9 1/2" tall

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