McCoy Number 10 Mixing Bowl

McCoy Number 10 Mixing Bowl


This yellow-ware mixing bowl with pink and blue bands is the #10 bowl by McCoy. Not only the perfect size to mix pancakes or a small batch of cookies, but a unique option to use as a fruit bowl on your counter or as a display piece on your open kitchen shelves. It would also make an excellent ice bowl on your cocktail tray for your next outdoor gathering! The soft colors of the yellow ware with the pastel accents really make this a stand out!

The McCoy Mark is on the bottom as well as made in USA.

This bowl is in shabby-chic condition; there are a few chips on the rim on the one side and other crazing and marks. Fortunately, there is also a very clean side and that would make it viable for displaying on your open kitchen shelves! If the imperfection bothers you - just turn it to the back!!! There are the typical manufacturing imperfections noted in my McCoy yellow ware, but no significant cracks to make it unsafe for using in your next baking session. There is an area of discoloration on the inside of one side which has been captured in one of the pictures. There are a few dings in the rim of the base of the bowl as well. The price reflects these imperfections.


10 1/2" top diameter

5" base diameter

5" 1/4 high

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