Mid-Century Yellow Bread Box

Mid-Century Yellow Bread Box


If you are looking for a fun display box for your craft room, den or office, this is the piece for you (or even a bread box for the kitchen)! It has soft buttery yellow metal sides, a shiny chrome front and a white interior with a shelf divider. The top opens out to a wood cutting board. What I find interesting about this piece is that it resembles the BeautyBox brand of bread boxes I have seen on Etsy yet there is no manufacturer marks that I can find anywhere. Could this be a first of it's kind "knock-off" product before that became standard process in the 1990's?

This piece needs a really thorough cleaning and I would tend to use it for non-perishable items due to it's age. The box is made of metal with a ridged surface and is yellow on all sides but the front chrome door. There is surface rust around the seams and an area on the top where there is a white spot. The original shelf for the inside is included as well as the cutting board in the front door.


11” tall, 16" wide and 11" deep.

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