Rustic Meat Tenderizer/Mallet

Rustic Meat Tenderizer/Mallet


This vintage meat mallet head has a 12 prong head made of very heavy metal that would certainly tenderize anything it met. The handle appears to be hand carved and is softening with age. The head is firmly affixed to the wooden handle with a screw, there is another hole apparent where an additional screw was once placed, but it does not feel loose at all. Both parts have some discoloration from years of use, but no rust, or anything that would preclude you from using this piece in your kitchen today. Or display it for fun!

The charm of this piece is the wooden handle, it does look like it may have led a larger head at one time, as the top is notched further down from the current head. It was found at an Estate Sale with many authentic items from the 1930' and 1940's and made me think of my grandfather the butcher. He would have loved this piece!


9 1/2" long

The metal end is 3" long and the head is 1 3/4" square

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